by Apollos

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released September 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Apollos Minneapolis, Minnesota

Made in MN.

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Track Name: Final Words
My final words
everything's hopeless
But if you turn
your heart won't grow restless
And honestly
your eyes; they will tremble
so won't you please
live your life gloriously

There was a love I knew from the start like a child up in arms
You held me close like a son who was running back home from afar
I never saw the smile [^] of your eyes until you showed your heart
So now I'm here and all ears for your move; here we go[^], let's start

It felt like every day was the same as the night became day
You always told me that hope was in light but the sight was just gray
But then my mind recoiled all[^] of the dirt that was on your display
So let me hear with my ears for your voice that you're here[^] today
Track Name: Skeptic
The bombs went off and we hit the floor
it was deafening with a loss of words
Like a photograph showing all the past
and time stood still, like a car crash

Take me now or let me go back

You took your hand and put it on my heart
I felt your tears running down my arms
Like a wave of fear pulsing through my veins
My hands grew cold as I lost my way

Take me now or let me go back

And I will not give in / For You are with me

Some times are hard and it hurts to learn
all the memories are left to discern
Like a starry night and its vast array
of shapes and lights already in their place

Can't you see I am lost all over?

You let me go so I ran away
But you were right in all your ways
Like the sun at dawn breaking through the clouds
and all my soul could only shout aloud

Can't you see I am lost all over?

And I will not give in / For You are with me
Track Name: Affection
So here I am tonight, I'm like a ghost, I'm like my heart
You taught me who I am, but lost your words, you lost your heart
It seemed like all was right, but all was torn, just like my soul
I've forgotten where is home, and lost my nerve, I lost my soul

The light, it left me blind, I was a ghost, I was my heart
You showed me who were, I lost my words, I lost my heart

Breathe, you know you need to hold on
Hear my voice I am calling

Hear my voice, hear it loud
I'm yours and you are mine
Here I am, this ends now
I'm coming back for you
Track Name: City of Lights
There you were
and all alone
Why'd you run
and let me go?
You broke my heart
it tore at the seems
you left a giant scar
now my soul suspends

You're all I have
My heart is stone
Except my eyes
now see my home
You took my heart
and you made it new
you left a giant mark
now my life is yours

Tear it down, break apart your fear/ it's a
Great divide, apart from you; despair
And you must let go, for all is lost
But You remain, the prize and the cost

I am yours
Track Name: Ethos
I have got you now
My arm has been stretched out
Breathe; you will make it home
Your heart is no longer stone